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Sadly we had to close Factory St. Studios, we are in the process of building a new studio which is nearing completion.
Trapdoor Studios

The recording studio creates broadcast quality analogue and digital recordings at affordable prices that capture the entire sound and are ideal for any recording project. Clients include; Professional Artists, the BBC, National Media Museum, Incommunities and Bradford Council.

Studio Recording Samples

Live Studio Video Recording

About the Studio

With contemporary interior design the studio provides a comfortable environment for you to work on your creative project. With excellent producers, fresh coffee and a private terrace we have created the best studio in the north for you.

Large acoustically isolated live room in the center of the recording studio

Purpose built, the Recording Studio in Bradford offers Analogue and Digital Recording equipment, has a large live room, vocal booth and a private terrace. Viewing the studio is available by appointment.

Movable baffles with windows create drum isloation within the live recording space

Technical Spec

In addition to the latest computer technology Cubase, the recording studio uses a Calrec M Series mixing desk, commissioned by the BBC it is one of only 3 in the world. A Soundcraft Magnetics 760, 24 track tape machine from 1979 which adds a unique warm Analogue sound to your Recordings.

Studer tape machine creates distinguished analogue recordings

There is a choice of Studer ¼ inch mastering machines stereo or full track mono. There is also the digital option based around M audio Delta 1010 cards and Pro Tools allowing 16 track simultaneous recording.

Seperate vocal booth with line of sight to control room, vocal booth and drum booth

The recording studio in Bradford has a combination of classic vintage equipment including the mixing desk, analogue tape machines, quality microphones e.g. Neumann U87, computer technology, boutique amps and compressors which are always being added to, enhancing the capabilities of the studio.

The Complete Studio Package Deal

This one is for professional artists and bands looking to not only record great music, but to achieve outstanding production quality. It offers the full whack, including all you need to release your music. Save up to £389.99 off the standard studio rate.


Recording Gift Ideas

Vouchers for the Recording Studio make ideal gifts for musicians. Call us for more information.

Analogue Recording Special Offer

My name is Alex and I’m a tape junkie…..

I’m keen to spread the word about recording to tape, it sounds great! With that in mind I want you to try it out for yourself.

For £199 you will get one full day in the studio to record one song, we’ll then mix and master the track and provide you with a CD master and an mp3 for upload.

Usually this would set you back between £400-500!

The way I like to work is record as much as possible live with good separation to get the feel right, we have a great live room for this.

I have a Calrec M series desk which was built for the BBC and sounds amazing (Elephant by The White Stripes was recorded on an M Series), a Soundcraft 760 2” 24 Track tape machine and a Studer B67 (rare 30ips model) to mix to.

With a bunch of funky old mics (Neumann, Calrec, Akg, Beyerdynamic, Shure to name but a few) and some great outboard gear. We can make fantastic sounding records…..can you provide the music?


We recorded a couple of songs in one hectic day, and the standard of work from Factory Street was unreal. An exceptional recording studio, with fantastic people. The producer was top-notch, and all the equipment (especially the desk) were out of this world! Highly recommend.

Blood Beetle

We’re incredibly pleased with the recordings, the whole experience was fantastic. Sincere thanks to everyone at FSS!


Had just finished recording a fantastic re vocal of PLAYER by NICOLE for the remixed and re loaded version when Nicole was asked to take part in some pictures and filming for Bradfords Telegraph and Argus News paper for an article about the studio. Thanks you to Alex and Amy Eden. I recommend that studio to ANYONE looking for recording facilities in West Yorkshire as it is THE BEST by far.

James Sammon

Cheers everyone for making our recording experience a good one, special thanx to Alex for getting us the sound we wanted! We’re over the moon with the cd and would recomend you to anyone! Cheers again!

Last Nights Escapades

Just spent two days in the recording studio. What a fantastic creative space to work in. Huge live room and a massive control room. Loads of space. Every minute was productive. No wasted time waiting for the engineer to “ hook something up “. Alex drove the production at our pace, even when we got things wrong. Attitude of all staff just perfect. Recorded classical, acoustic, electric guitars, vocals and MIDI keyboards. BEST studio I have ever been in.

Colin Holmes

At Factory Street Recording studios July 2011. One of my favourite places and the best studio I have recorded or worked in in twenty two years. Great Atmosphere and two great people running it!

James S Crew

Our band chanced upon Factory St Studio completely by chance recently, after we were let down by another studio and needed to find an alternative urgently. I’m glad that’s the way it turned out. Given that we are a blues band, Alex’s love of the genre was a real advantage for us – always on hand with suggestions for arrangements rather than just silently manning the desk. Consequently, we got fantastic results and – just as importantly – we all really enjoyed the session. A great relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and outstanding results. What’s not to like? Highly recommended.

Paddy Wells

Studio Prices

Recording and mixing is £30 per hour, engineer, tea and coffee.

Free 2 hour rehearsal in one of our rehearsal rooms to help you prepare for when you book a full days session (Includes PA, mics, stands, and leads).

For 3 days or more receive 10% discount.

Call Alex to discuss your requirements on 01274 682125


Al Dickinson, The Beatlords, The Blueniks, The Captives, Colin Holmes, Crosscut Saw, Fake Blood Donation, Faze, First and Foremost, Fischers Ghost, Fossil Collective, The Frontier Psychiatrists, Geek, Happy Red Tractors, The Heavens Band, Holroyd/Booth Duo, Honey, The Idles, Isotones, Jasmine Kennedy, Julie Darling, Last Nights Escapades, The Luminaries, Men of A Certain Age, The Mirandolas, Missy Mead, National Media Museum, Next Station, Poorboy, Shetters, Shorty and the Halfpoles, Snowybyrds, Sweet Sneakers, The Extremes, The Man in The Hat – Chris Martin, The Spivs, Theme Tune for Deal or No Deal Three Men and a Bass, Ultrasound, VagaBond, + many more……