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Kon-Tiki Music Video Nominated for Multiple Awards

Ultrasound’s latest music video for ‘Kon-Tiki’ has been selected for the BAFTA and Oscar® qualifying Leeds International Film Festival and will also be getting showcased at the New Renaissance Film Festival in London. We’re delighted to see it get such a great response after all the work and effort that was put into the recording at Factory St. Studios. If you haven’t already seen it then check it out below.

Pepper Jam – We Are The Many

Another fanatstic performance recording in our venue. This track has a particular important message as it ties in with the upcoming election. A few words from the band…

“We’re pleased to share our latest song and music video in one with you all! ‘We Are The Many’ is our The Labour Party anthem – dedicated in particular to Jeremy Corbyn!

This election is one of the most important elections this country has ever had. If you haven’t already then please register to vote at tonight!

Many thanks to Factory St Studios for recording this track and letting us film on site! Credit to the newly established Exemplar Media for editing and release, and to Decima Records for their marketing and input.”

Check out the video below.

Chasing Deer – Moving On EP

Chasing Deer are excited to announce their second EP, ‘Moving On’ – officially released on May 19th 2017.

Recorded live onto analogue tape at Factory Street Studios in Bradford, Moving On features four original genre-spanning songs that aim to capture the atmosphere and raw energy of the band’s live performance.

“…leaves you wanting to listen again and again” – Words For Music
“Earthy, honest lyrics and dreamy harmonies” – ContactUs Magazine
“Infectiously Brilliant” – Rion Magazine
“…clever arrangements, riotously enjoyable hooks and sharply intelligent delivery…” – Music Crowns

Fancy a signed copy before everyone else?

Pre-order it here.

Ultrasound record and release their third Album

Ultrasound’s third album, Real Britannia, released on their CAC (Classic Album Club) label, co-founded by a couple of rock’n’roll doctors, actually real life medics and vinyl freaks who bought the band the studio gear they needed to make the record. The lengthiest track on an album that resolutely refuses to pander to 21st century attention spans is a suite of sorts entitled “Blue Remembered Hills”, a lengthy, autobiographical lyrical expression by Tiny that’s doubly apt. It harks back to an ugly/beautiful childhood, a blue remembered Seventies one of bubblegum and concrete and Top of the Pops, of cub scouts and power cuts, civil unrest and hazy summer lawns; it also harks back to a late 20th century culture, in which Ultrasound were themselves late participants, in which maverick, impassioned art was given play in the mainstream.

“I got obsessed with Dennis Potter,” says Tiny. “The way he viewed Britain. I like Dennis Potter because he dared to do things other people wouldn’t – and he was brutally honest. . . you don’t get that window of opportunity now. I saw a documentary about Ken Roach recently. They tried to shut him down, stop him from working. But even if it’s been shut down, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow that path.”

From “No Man’s Land”, triggered by the 80s post nuclear drama Threads, with musical nods to both Pere Ubu and even Jethro Tull, to the single “Kon-Tiki”, whose guitars burst fresh from the cupboards of the late 1990s, to “Soul Girl”, Vanessa’s first ever penned contribution to an Ultrasound album, a motorik, affirmative celebration of a force that will not be denied, to “Asylum”, with its vivid, musty fragrance’s of the provinces, Real Britannia is an album that straddles the styles of the late 20th century decades, from segmented Prog to Chicks On Speed-style raw, minimal pop. “It helps the fact that we’re all different ages,” says Tiny. “We all bring something different to the table.”

It’s an album about about low times, bad places yet also propelled, as Vanessa says by “ascension, a feeling of moving towards the light.” It’s an album on which love and care has clearly been lavished, the product of four years of patient architecture, evolved in its own time, wrought outside of the terms and conditions of an increasingly desperate record industry those serious about making music would be better having nothing to do with.

“The music industry gets very heavy,” says co-songwriter Richard Green. “People get very jobsworth about it. We have a lot of fun, a lot of laughing, a lot of messing around. It’s not a job. The simple buzz of hearing sounds you’ve made coming out of a speaker.”

The love of the labour is reflected in the vinyl packaging, particularly the glorious artwork of the gatefold (tri-fold) sleeve, which broadcasts the demand that this album not be merely cherry picked but treasured as a whole. In that respect, as rocketing vinyl sales demonstrate, Ultrasound are down with the kids. As Tiny says, “You see kids clutching vinyl when they come out of gigs who don’t even own record players because they need something tangible from the experience, in their hands, an artefact.”

What’s more, the album is recorded using analogue processes; it’s about capturing the vibe rather than achieving some clinical, self-defeating and sterile idea of perfection.

“You can put fast food in your face quickly but you’ll still feel hungry at the end of it,” says Vanessa. “But recording analogue isn’t just some pretentious gesture against the music industry. It’s nourishing. It’s like a dense weave on a steak. A good quality piece of meat doesn’t have air and water in it – whereas a lot of modern music is full of air and water. Hot air”.

“For us, Real Britannia is about putting the needle on the record and going on a spiritual journey with us into light and dark dreams and wash up on the shores of life somehow changed, hopefully for the better. Music is important to us and to our fans. It is not just a chart obsessed “here today” type thing, but has a lasting permanence – a sense of eternity and something that should outlive us all.”

The album is produced by Richard Green and Alex Eden.

Music Box

Bradford City of Film are looking for musicians with original music on film to be played on the big screen in Bradford City Center. Music Box has featured many Yorkshire based musicians over the past six months. To find out how to get a video/animation etc screened click here

Teachers Release Anti Academies Punk Single ‘Nicky Morgan’s Eyes’.

Enemies of Promise

The Enemies of Promise recorded their new song, Nicky Morgan’s Eyes at Factory St. Studios this weekend which can now be enjoyed with their video shot during the recording live performance video on youtube.

“Nicky don’t need her eyes to see. Nicky has parted from reality.”

That’s the last line of a punk protest song by a Leeds teacher in response to plans for full academisation.

National Union of Teachers activist and singer Gary Kaye has released the song – Nicky Morgan’s Eyes – with his band The Enemies of Promise.

The song, based on ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ by The Adverts and released with permission of songwriter TV Smith, is supposedly written to show the work of teachers through the eyes of the education secretary.

Mr Kaye, an English and media studies teacher, told Schools Week he wanted to give teachers an “anthem to (safety) pin their despair on”, and said he was inspired by the government’s recent announcement that all state schools would become academies by 2022.

He said: “I decided to write this song for all teachers who feel under pressure and all students who are having their education tainted for ideological purposes.
“TV Smith, who wrote Gary Gilmore’s Eyes, gave his blessing for this version and, having written the words on Friday morning it all came together over the weekend.”

Go check out the video here

The first verse expresses some frustrations which may sound familiar to teachers across England…

I’m sitting in the teaching hub, trying to plan my week
But the spreadsheet needs some data and the raise on line looks bleak
I’m looking at my colleagues and much to my surprise
They all require improvement and then I realise
I’m looking through Nicky Morgan’s eyes

The second verse is just as scathing, and focuses on the academies programme

and the debate over qualified teachers…
I’m standing in the playground with a massive bunch of keys
I’m giving them to businessmen who run academies
I don’t believe that teachers should be properly qualified
Experience counts for nothing and then I realise
I’m looking through Nicky Morgan’s eyes

And the third takes a pop at Ofsted too…

The teachers are all cowering and fearing for their jobs
And Ofsted are marauding like a bunch of mindless yobs
I look into a mirror, I scream and I despise
I hate what I am seeing and then I realise
I’m looking through Nicky Morgan’s eyes
We do not know if Nicky Morgan has heard the song yet

You can read Schools Week article here

Enemies of Promise

Do Miss America

Do Miss America recently took advantage of the winter tape deal at Factory St. Studios. The band is currently working on a follow-up to their debut album “Songs From Desire Avenue”. These guys are great; make sure you ‘like’ them on Facebook so you can keep up to date with their gigs and releases.

The Fabulous BB Kings

We had some great fun over the weekend with Motown band The Fabulous BB Kings. They’ve just finished recording their 5 track E.P which should be available soon. The Fabulous BB Kings are a fun function band performing at birthdays and weddings across Yorkshire. Go check them out on their website and book them in!

Blind Dead Mcjones

BDMJB, recently recorded their album ‘Last Resort Mexico’ at Factory St. Studios. The band has been nominated for the “Kevin Thorpe Award for Original British Blues Song” at this years British Blues Awards. Go ahead and vote for this awesome band by clicking here.

To keep up up to date with the bands news and events ‘like’ them on their Facebook page.

One Stop Railway

Indie rock band One Stop Railway won the Yorkshire Gig Guide’s Battle of the Bands in 2012. their prize was studio time right here at Factory Street. The band recorded their E.P ‘ Shattered Glass’ through January. After several months of recording, editing and mixing, Shattered Glass is now available through Itunes.

Keep up to date with One Stop Railway’s news and updates, follow them on Facebook.


Heavy metal band Segregates from York recently recorded their last E.P with us to tape. They’re currently in the process of releasing their music in very special formats. Exciting news coming soon for this band, find them on Facebook.

Crosscut Saw – Shake ‘Em On Down Review

Crosscut Saw’s latest E.P Shake ‘Em On Down has been reviewed by Marcus Lazarus. The E.P was recorded, mixed and mastered at Factory Street Studios. Check out the review here

Blind Dead McJones – Last Resort Mexico Review

Check out the review of the Blind Dead McJones Band’s new album ‘Last Resort Mexico’ recorded and mixed at Factory Street Studios by Alex Eden.

Saffron Byass CD Release

‘Speak Your Truth’ the new album by Saffron Byass is available for digital download from various outlets including Itunes. If you’re no Stranger to Saffron’s work then you will be already aware of her contributions to the Blues and Jazz community.

The album was recorded and mixed by Alex Eden at Factory Street Studios. Listen iTunes

New Model Army seeks fans to take part in documentary

Bradford band, The New Model Army are currently working on a documentary which is in full production and over the next few months they will be interviewing a whole range of people with a story to tell about the band. As important as anyone are the fans themselves. They want to talk to as many of you as possible about what NMA means to you. For more info see: New Model Army

Factory Street Design Service

You’ve worked hard on your release and the artwork to go along is the first impression. Factory Street Studios have released a design service to help you get it right every time.

Below is a fantastic blue note inspired front cover for ‘Just Beneath The Skin’ is the third single from Bradford singer-songwriter Imani Hekima.

All Artwork Design Enquiries Please Contact Jim on 01274 682125.

The Ben Manning Music Foundation – “Forever Seventeen”

It’s been in the works about 3 months, but finally it is here. “Forever Seventeen”

Tom Jepson, a close friend of the foundation and Ben, has been in the recording studio here at Factory St. to record a track dedicated to the love of Ben.

Written by Adam Miller, the song was donated to the foundation to be put together into a track that symbolises the strengths of what it is to be 17.

“Forever Seventeen” is now available to buy on CD

Analogue Recording – Keeping it Reel to Reel

In our humble studio at Factory Street Studios we host an array of vintage analogue technologies carefully nurtured and maintained. Multiple reel-to-reel tape machines are on standby waiting to warm your music with that classic analogue sound. And if it makes you feel better we could even unplug the computer. That’s how we do things the analogue way.

At Factory Street we aim to provide you with the most professional and versatile services so your music sounds exactly how you want it to.

If you have never recorded onto tape, or are unaware of its greatness then we can hybridise the work practice. For example, we could record your tracks onto tape and then send them to our digital platform or we could record them straight to the digital platform and then on to tape. This means you get the best of both worlds. Mix it up however you like!

If you’d like to know more then get in touch and arrange for a tour of the facilities. We’ll show you how we work, demo previous clients, and have a brew.

I Value The Arts

Do you value the arts? Three quarters of the adult population attend or participate in arts activities every year. An even higher proportion of young people get involved with the arts and it’s likely you’re one of them. A new website, I Value The Arts, set up by the National Campaign for the Arts, aims to prove that we do with an online pledge.

The site has been constructed with donations of time and skill from industry professionals, without public money, all in favour of the pledge and you can now be part of it. Head over to I Value The Arts for a 30 second sign-up that lets the decision-makers know that you value the arts in your community and nationally.

Crosscut Saw Join 1970Company Booking Agency

Our very own Crosscut Saw have recently joined the 1970Company Booking Agency roster. 1970Company also represent Middleman, Blue Rose Code, Married To The Sea, The Scaramanga Six and The Bonnevilles to name but a few.

Crosscut Saw Facebook page:

Factory Street in The Times

The exterior of Factory Street Studios took up the centre fold of the The Times Educational supplement this Friday. A pupil of this summer’s Rock School, was caught in mid air with guitar in hand by a photographer last week in the midst of rehearsing for his performance.

Pupils in Bradford teamed up with professional musicians to take part in a Rock School over the school summer holidays. The course, held at Factory Street Studios was ran in partnership with Education Bradford and Incommunities saw musicians help students form bands, rehearse and record tracks. Pupils – including 15-year-old pupil from Dixon City Academy (pictured) – were also encouraged to perform in front of friends and family.

- The Times