Instrument, Equipment Repair & Maintenance

New PAT Testing Service ~ Only £49.99 per band

We’re pleased to introduce a new service for musicians. Some venues require PATS testing certificates. We can now offer PATS testing services for musicians/bands equipment at a fantastic introductory price. Supplied with stickers and safety certificates for all equipment.

Guitar and Amp Repairs

We offer an in-house efficient and effective guitar repair and maintenance service by Alex Eden who is a qualified luthier with over 15 years experience and a solid reputation. Guitar repairs start from as little as £20 and include set ups, fret work, rewire, replacement nuts, neck repairs. We also repair other instruments and equipment through our reputable contractors.

Alex's handmade guitars

Cost estimates always provided upfront and if the work is going to take more than £10 you will be contacted. Flexible instrument drop off times, including evenings. Contact Alex

Another one of Alex's handywork

Why does my guitar sound strange?….

It could be a number of reasons, the following will need to be done which includes:-

1) Checking the “bow” of the neck, (guitar necks are designed to be adjustable).

2) Adjusting the nut height, at the end of the neck there is a small plastic/bone saddle with slots in that the strings run through, the height of these slots are adjusted using specialist files.

3) Adjusting the bridge saddles, (the height of the strings from the fingerboard).

4) Adjust the intonation, the guitar needs to be in tune with itself! This is done by adjusting the bridge saddles in a different direction.

5) With any of the above processes missed out the guitar will not play correctly in tune with itself and may be difficult to fret or have buzzes or dead notes.

6) The electrics are then checked and the pickups are adjusted to balance and not pull the strings out of tune with their magnets.

7) Strap buttons are checked for tightness and fixed if necessary (to avoid the instrument falling off the strap, which can be expensive …)

8) New strings fitted if need be. Old strings will not hold their tune and setting the guitar to worn out strings is a waste of time

NB: From experience, strings older than 3 or 4 weeks need to be replaced for a set up to work properly. If you still have the same strings on as in the shop you definitely need a new set anyway, they have been halfway round the world on a damp container ship before reaching the shop.

9) Polish, plug and play.

Alex's Handmade Guitars

Our clients have said…

“…Just to thank you for sorting out the mess I made on my vintage Strat tremolo system.. it sounds just right now. I promise not to tamper with it in future and leave any problems to the experts. Thanks again.” Jim, Wakefield

“…I’ve used Alex’s quite outstanding repair skills for a very long time now (that tells a story in itself) and genuinely wouldn’t trust any of my guitars to anyone else.” Pete, Leeds

“…Many thanks for setting up my fretless Precision bass – the action is now perfect for my playing style and thanks to you putting that new scratch plate on it looks as good as it sounds!” Tim, Leeds

“…Just a quick note to say thanks for sorting out that pickup on my Fender Telecaster. It has never sounded right in the ten odd years I’ve had it, and now it sounds great. I can select the treble pickup now with complete confidence to deliver nose-bleed attack!!” Tim, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

“…From the frets to the bridge, a loving, all over ‘M.O.T’ was given and now it sounds better than ever. Just wish I could play better and do it justice. Can’t recommend Factory Street enough.” Billy, Bradford